I knew little about the country before my trip to Cuba a few years before. Speaking of Cuba, I might think of Castro, cigars, Cuban women’s volleyball team. Later I got to know that Cuba has world-class baseball team. And later I got to know Che Guevara.

Winter is good season for trips to Cuba. About 140 km east of Havana is Varadero, the biggest beach resort in Cuba. Varadero is a narrow peninsula, about 20 kilometers long but 2.5 km wide at its widest point. Varadero has an alias Playa Azul, means “blue beach” in Spanish. I did some research online and decided to go Varadero for my year-end holidays.

It was merely 3 and half hours to fly from Toronto to Varadero. I arrived late night. A staff of my travel agency guided me to a bus that would take me to my hotel.

Bus at Varadero airport

From the airport to the hotel was about 30 minutes driving. I got an ocean view room at 10 floor, exactly what I expected.

Varadero hotel room

I opened the window to balcony. The sound of waves surged onto my face with mild breeze.

Varadero night scene from the hotel balcony

What a beautiful night scene. Good night Varadero!