Summer is the season for kids soccer games. If you are a parent of kids at the age of playing soccer games, you will find very simple and useful tips for taking great pictures of your kids soccer games in this article.

What camera
Do you need a high-end digital SLR camera to take great pictures of kids soccer games? The answer is no. Any entry level digital SLR camera today can do the job for you. Many intermediate to high-end point-and-shoot cameras in market also work. To shoot sports, you need a camera with sports mode or the capability of setting shutter speed. You also need the feature of continue shooting that can capture multiple frames of exiting action sequence. Do not forget to turn-on auto-focus. You will not have time to manually adjust focus during a soccer game. The heading picture of this article was taken using Nikon D80, entry level camera with 11 AF points and 3fps continue shooting speed.

What lens
One day I got call from my friend. His son often plays soccer games at school. He was uncertain if to purchase a super telephoto lens so as to take better pictures of his son playing soccer games. Just like my friend, you may know that you need a telephoto lens with big focus length but uncertain how big is good enough. Actually all lenses with focus length around 200mm or 300mm for entry level digital SLR cameras will do the job well. In the case of my friend, I knew he already got a 18-200mm lens with his Nikon D7000. What he needed was tips of using it right.

Your places
Although sports grounds for kids soccer games are usually small, you will find it hard to reach every corner in the ground using your lens with focus length of 200mm or 300mm. Without cannon like professional super telephoto lenses, you may have to move fast with the kids when they moves from side to side. A super telephoto lens can be very expensive and beyond your budget. Know limits of your lens but do not limit yourself by the lens. Find yourself right places to watch and shoot during the game. Try to stay close to somewhere you kid may appear most often. For instance, you will not stay far away from the goal if your kid plays the role of goalkeeper.

Unique moment
Goal shooting can be very exiting moment in a soccer game. However it may be not that special and unique. Use not only your eyes but also your heart to find something truly special and unique.
In a game that late afternoon, the figure of a little goalkeeper draw my attention. The little boy just saved his team from dangerous situations before his goal. Now all kids run to the other side. He got a chance being sitting on his knees, relaxed for a shot period. The moment was captured in the shot below, so peaceful and sweet.

Building of Eaton Center in downtown Toronto
The little goalkeeper relaxed himself for a shot period in a kids soccer game.

The pictures in this article were taken using Nikon D80 and Nikon 70-300mm VR lens. All rights reserved by the author.