Do you have a smartphone? Do you like shooting pictures using your smartphone? Do you want to share better pictures with your friends right from your smartphone? If you do, The tips of smartphone photography introduced in this article can be right for you.

Attitude defines results. First of all, you should have enthusiasm for taking better pictures. Generally many people do not care much if their pictures look good. They simply point and shoot. It is no problem when shoot for fun. However it is not enough for getting better images. Unless you desire to take better pictures with your own hands, results will not be much different.

Composition is the king for a good picture. What is composition? Composition is the way you crop an image out of a scene of real world. It depends the way you see the world, the objects in your viewfinder. It is very personal sense that vary from people to people. However some principles may help for better composition. The rule of thirds is the most popular principle of this kind. Suppose we draw two horizontal and two vertical lines to divide a rectangle viewfinder area into nine equal parts. The rule of thirds principle requires that the main object should be placed along these lines or intersections. Composition with the rule of thirds has better visual effect according to people’s experience and visual psychological studies. You may turn on guideline option under your smartphone camera setting. That is designed for applying the rule of thirds.

Moment is the soul of a good picture. Moment of light, moment of action, moment of smile, moment of eyes contact can turn an ordinary image into a great shot. There are plenty opportunities of various moments in our daily life. You need to make yourself ready to catch them with just a little bit more patient. The heading picture of this article is the image of Holy Trinity Church next to Eaton Center in downtown Toronto. I did not expect that I could catch the pigeons flying over the church building. Actually I missed the first chance and had to hold my Galaxy S3 waiting for the pigeons to appear again. I was happy to catch them. The moment makes the picture look much better.

It is very often that a good picture presents not only the main object but also some kind of relationship between objects in the image. Well using relationship can bring better appearance or additional meaning to the main object in your picture. The picture below is the image of Eaton Center building in downtown Toronto. The front tree branches give special sense of space and makes the building appear more vivid than an image of building alone.

Building of Eaton Center in downtown Toronto
Building of Eaton Center in downtown Toronto