Churchill is a small town beside Hudson Bay in Manitoba Canada. Right on the path of polar bear migration make it well known as the town of polar bear watching tour. Churchill Canada also became a hot topic online for a comedic reason, the polar bear jail.

Every year from October to November, over thousand polar bears haunt around Churchill area. You will understand how scary it is if you know the local permanent population of Churchill is approximately 800 only. It is very often that polar bears run into the town for food, damage properties and may attack human beings. In order to keep polar bear away from town, the people of Churchill rebuilt an aircraft warehouse into the Polar Bear Jail with 28 prisons, they call it Polar Bear Compound.

Polar Bear Jail in Churchill Canada

Once “bad guys” are found, the biologists catch them in culvert traps baited with drugged seal meat and then move them to the Polar Bear Compound, the Jail. They stay there for 30 days then are airlifted away from town.

Welcome to Polar Bear Jail
Polar Bear Capital of the World – Churchill Manitoba Canada