Can you tell what the heading picture presents? It was titled as Familia 2013, one art project for Nuit Blanche Toronto last Saturday night. It was created by Bruno Billio, a Canadian artist currently living and working in Toronto.

Bruno Billio

Bruno likes using furniture in his art projects. The Familia 2013 is a new edition of his Familia series. As introduced in the event brochure, mismatched chairs are gathered from households for re-creation of the moment of a family function. Can you image what moment it could be? No standard answer for sure.

The Familia 2013 for Nuit Blanche Toronto was exhibited in the Church of the Holy Trinity next to Eaton Center. The high ceiling and wide open space enabled the art project create incredible visual effects. The large mirror ground appeared like a big water pool where all surroundings were reflecting in it, the ceiling, chandelier, chairs, and maybe yourself. Changing shapes of the inverted images in the mirror ground delivered fantastic visual experience that nobody would forget.

Nuit Blanche Toronto Familia 2013

(The photos were taken handheld using Nikon D700 with high ISO setting.)