Texas Longhorns

The Texas longhorns are the breed of cattle known for the characteristic horns. It is not rare to see horns appear on cattle heads. But the horns of longhorns can extend over 9 feet (2.7 m) from tip to tip. The beautiful shape of long horns make the breed of cattle well known as Texas Longhorns and became the symbol of Texas State.

west texas longhorns

Texas people love longhorns so much. Longhorns are elegant and powerful that will lead Texas win all the games.

longhorn texas football

Longhorn Sign

Texas people is proud of their longhorns. They like to show longhorn sign in public for cheering, just like former president George W. Bush did so often before. We all know Bush is a typical Texas guy. He gave longhorn sign everywhere. It was lovely but not always. It was said that he once made European people upset when he waved his famous longhorn sign after a speech in Europe for the gesture looked so similar as “sign of devil horns”.

George Bush longhorn sign coast guard academy

Gifts from Texas

I went to Houston several years before and got two Texas gifts from my friend. One day I put the gifts together and took a picture as shown in the heading image of this article. Can you tell what the background is? That was a deep-blue T-Shirt with the image of Texas flag in the shape of longhorn printed on it. I love the Texas gifts. I love Texas Longhorns.