Give you one chair, you may sit on it alone and have a cup of coffee. Give you two chairs, you may have a friend sit beside you and chat. Give you hundreds chairs, what you can do? Garden Tower, the instillation for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013 was setup using hundreds chairs in front of the Metropolitan United Church. It was the art project of Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata.

Kawamata likes using wood materials such as wood chips, boxes and chairs in his art projects. The Garden Tower for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013 was a typical art work of Kawamata. Hundreds chairs, benches and garden furniture represented all good time the owners experienced in their gardens. The tower was perfect merged into the surrounding objects: the trees, street lights and the church building.

Nuit Blanche Toronto Garden Tower

Exhibition of the Garden Tower continued all days and nights till October 14, the Thanksgiving Day. I had been there both day time and night. Honestly I enjoyed the night scenes a bit more for the colorful and mystery atmosphere.

Garden Tower for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013

(The photos were taken using Nikon D700 with tripod.)