After a long lasting extreme cold winter, Toronto is in a moderate summer. The 2014 Waterfront Festival of Toronto was just executed last weekend, June 20-22. A new event happened, most people got a chance to watch it the first time in their life. It was the 1st Flyboard North American Championships, one of the most exciting games in the three days.

Flyboarding is a new emerged extreme water sports that allows humans to fly using a board that shoots out high pressurized water. The Flyboard was invented in spring 2011 by a French watercraft rider, Franky Zapata. The device was first introduced to the public at the jet ski World Championship 2012 in China and rapidly received great attention from people around the world.

Two world class competitions took place so far since 2012. The first Flyboard World Championships was in Doha October 2012. The second championships in Doha were held in November 2013.

The Flyboard championships in Toronto was the first one in North America. Over 30 pro Flyboard competitors from across the continent came for the game. The competition lasted three days, Qualifying Round 1 on Friday, Round 2 on Saturday, and Finals, Awards, Costume Show on Sunday. Damone Rippy from Utah won the final first, followed by Jordan Wayment from Texas in second and Callon Burns of Bermuda in third.

The final winner Damone Rippy in the game
The final winner Damone Rippy in the game.
Flyboarding show
Hoverboard is another invention by Franky Zapata using the similar principle of making flyboard. Franky Zapata gave a demo of his hoverboard during a break of the final game.
Flyboarding show
Flyboarding show was performed after the competition.
Award Ceremony
Flyboard North American Championships 2014 Award Ceremony

(Pictures were taken using Nikon D700 and Nikon 70-300mm VR lens.)