Dorset is a small community near the Algonquin Provincial Park of Ontario, Canada. The name was given by the settlers came from Dorset, England. The local permanent population of Dorset is approximately 400. The numbers increase significantly in the summer months due to cottagers and vacationers.

Dorset is located on the shores of Lake of Bays. The Dorset Channel runs through the middle of Dorset. It looks like a bottle neck that connects two bodies of water. The lands surrounding the bodies of water are covered by forests. And the forests make Dorset well known for its stunning fall foliage view in autumn.

Each year from the last week of September to middle of October, thousands and thousands visitors from the Great Toronto Area go Algonquin Park for fall foliage watching. Being so close to Algonquin Park that Dorset became a prime spot for the tourists on their pilgrimage road to the fall foliage tours.

Fall Foliage View at Dorset

The people of Dorset built a lookout tower on a high ridge above the community in 1967. Now it is well known as the Dorset Scenic Lookout Tower. The tower offers a panoramic view of the surrounding hills and picturesque Lake of Bays in the Muskoka / Haliburton region. It is one of the most popular spot for professional photographers and enthusiasts who like shooting fall foliage views.

Consider to go Algonquin Park this fall? Remember Dorset, its fall foliage view will bless your trip.

Dorset Scenic Look Out Tower