Many DSLR cameras are sold with kit lenses. Kit lenses vary so much on type and price. How do you know if a kit lens is right for you?

Focal Length
First of all, you need consider focal length. Yes, it is focal length, not price that you should consider first. Focal length determines how far and wide a lens can reach. A lens with smaller focal length has wider view angle but harder to reach objects faraway. A lens with bigger focal length make it easier to capture objects in distance but narrow down its view angle.

A kit lens is often a zoom lens that covers a certain range of focal length. What range of focal length is right for you? It depends what type of photograph you like to shoot. Since kit lenses are designed for family uses, the most often used range of focal length is 18-200mm.

Once you got the idea of approximate focal length range you need, you are ready to consider price and make your final decision. Either search online or go to a camera store, you will find kit lenses like 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 18-135mm and occasionally 18-200mm. Generally a 18-55mm kit lens is cheap. But the focal length range is not big enough when you travel around. With a 18-55mm lens, you may need additional 55-200mm kit lens. And then you will find yourself bothered by lens change during your shooting. In my opinion, a kit lens of similar focal length range as 18-135mm has the best cost performance. The heading picture of blue men was taken in Las Vegas Venetian Hotel using Nikon D80 and Nikon 18-135mm kit lens. The reference links of most popular kit lenses are given below. Hope you will find it truly helpful.

Popular Kit Lenses